Gun Rights

Gun control advocates recycle the same talking points when arguing why the federal government should curtail people’s Second Amendment rights.

Amid continued gun violence across the United States and Congress' inability to overcome the partisan impasse on the issue, gun legislation is front and center in public and political discourse. And Monday's shooting at a courthouse in Berrien County has put a new state in the spotlight.

Every mass shooting and act of terror is an opportunity for liberals to push gun control. Something must be done to stop gun violence, but there are four problems with the liberal argument for gun control. These are: (1) hypocrisy; (2) reality; (3) misapplication of blame; and (4) discrimination. In the end, there is a better, more reasonable solution.

Often there is confusion created by those who wish to interpret the second amendment in a way which our forefathers definitely had not intended. Was the right to keep and bear arms reserved for the people? Or only for a "well-regulated militia"? Well folks, there is no smoke and mirrors being used for this one. Watch Penn & Teller (well, more Penn than Teller) explain the second amendment ... in just over a minute!