Gun Rights

Why can’t Hillary Clinton say whether or not the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms? It seems like a simple enough question, yet Hillary Clinton punted—not once, but twice—when she was asked that by former Clinton White House employee George Stephanopoulos during a recent appearance on ABC’s “This Week.”

At the time of an attack we all know that the one thing that can save you is not a phone call to the police. The following is an account of a woman that was attacked on her college campus. While she had a concealed carry permit, she wasn't allowed to have the gun on campus. This is her story...

How do you sell something that for generations hasn’t lived up to its claims; that has failed so horribly that one of its side effects is a higher homicide rate; that, when implemented, turns good, law-abiding people into helpless victims; and that has failed so openly that an overwhelming majority of Americans have rejected it? Better marketing, of course.

There are now eight states in America where no permit is required in order to carry a concealed handgun for self-defense. They are: Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Maine, Vermont, Wyoming, and most recenlty West Virginia. Please note that there are still various rules that need to be learned and followed in order to comply with laws in all jurisdictions.  What follows is a brief summary of the key points in the current laws by state.