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Gun Buyers ClubResults of the 2019 Deer Hunter Survey conducted by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) indicate that the statewide harvest of deer decreased by only 1% last season.

Hunters harvested an estimated 105,201 bucks, and 87,872 does, which made up a total harvest of 193,073 deer. That is just slightly down from the 194,986 estimated harvest in 2018, according to Charles Ruth, SCDNR Big Game Program coordinator.


Between 2002 and 2015, the deer population

Gun Buyers Club… tired narrative that pro-Second Amendment rallies taking place … not intimidated by the NRA and by the … Assault Weapons Ban and his strong “understanding of gun violence.” … Biden notably misunderstands the Second Amendment and continues …...

Gun Buyers Club
Today, the Senate Judiciary C Committee passed four pro-gun bills, which will now head to the full Senate for consideration. 

Bowling Pin Shoot to Benefit VCDL
Bowling Pin Shoot to Benefit VCDL

Virginia – -( Over the years Todd Freeman has held Bowling Pin matches to benefit a variety of good causes, such as police, fire, and EMS services. He has always graciously allowed me to speak, and allowed the Virginia Citizens Defense League to have a table at these events.

This Bowling Pin match is going to benefit the Virginia Citizens Defense League...