The main reason the survival movement has further adopted the moniker “prepper” is to promote the whole idea of planning in advance for any SHTF that might happen. Now, to be clear, some survivalists are not preppers and some preppers are not survivalists. It is the perfect storm for semantics. My daughter would reply the ubiquitous “whatever.”

We love John Farnham over at Ammoland. He is a defensive weapons and tactics instructor at his Defensive Training International. With his personal philosophy of appearing in public revolving around always projecting a low profile, here is a great piece he wrote on why the new open carry laws are really about "exposed" carry.

While gun ownership among women has risen significantly in recent years, there are still a lot of women who have never held or shot a gun. This inexperience with firearms makes them afraid and uncomfortable around guns. But owning a gun, training on its safe and reliable use, and carrying one for personal defense can put a woman on more equal footing in a dangerous world.

Firearms owners are becoming an increasingly-important voting bloc in center-right politics, and it’s important to discuss and define what specific issues and laws are important to today’s gun owners in this upcoming election. Kevin Creighton from lays out his opinion in this two-part editorial. This is part two. For part one click here.