We came across these tips from "Outdoors Dan" about how to block your scent when deer hunting...Enjoy!

I don’t know about you but I am really getting tired of the false claims on some of these hunting products. I bought a suit and other gear that said you would not get busted by deer. I got busted and I’m disgusted. What really works on deer?

I honestly do not believe you can stop 100 percent of your scent from a deer’s sense of smell, unless you’re in a fully-contained hazmat suit. For starters, I wash my hunting clothes in a good scent-free detergent by Hunters Specialties every time before I go hunting. I always take a shower with Scent-A-Way soap before I leave to hunt. I also spray myself down with Scent-A-Way spray and on my bow and gear. I always try to set my stands so I have several options no matter what the wind direction is. I wear Muck boots that help reduce my scent while walking in and out. I wear gloves while walking in and out of my hunting areas, so I don’t touch foliage with my bare hands. By doing all this I have reduced the scent I leave in my hunting area dramatically. It’s not 100 percent but I certainty see way more game by doing this system. All of these products are available at Sportsman’s Warehouse and they can help show you how to use them.

(Source: desmoinesregister.com)