Deer Hunting

In the modern era, humans don't need to kill animals just for survival as we have learned to produce food in the form of crops and to keep animals for their meat. Many people are fond of having a hobby to hunt animals,  satisfying this ancient urge. Often done for the sake of enjoyment, various gadgets like a solar outdoor camera and a number of others can be used to make the experience even more worthwhile.

Preparing to go deer hunting you will need to carry specific tools, kits, items, and necessities for making your experience safe and effective. The gadgets you bring along can vary depending on the environment and the time you go hunting. Some useful essential items will help you out!

Firstly you need to have a place where you can settle yourself. It can be a tent or a camping van where you can keep yourself safe from stray animals, and it will also protect you from extreme weather.

Once you are settled, you will need some power source like a battery, hand generator, solar plates, etc. This will be required to help you in the night with light, and once you are carrying various gadgets provide the power to work.

After this all is done, you are ready for the action. It can depend on your taste how you manage to carry out your hunt. You can carry your gun, hide at an advantageous palace, and aim to wait for your deer. Many hunters find it more effective to place something to eat to attract the deer. You can also make a trap and wait for the deer to come so it will be trapped automatically. This method may require you to storm your brain, but you can relax and enjoy it once it's done.

One thing you really must consider is scent killer. Deer can be susceptible to different odors. If a deer detects the smell of a human he may try to move away from your vicinity. To observe your prey, you can set the solar outdoor camera, giving you better situational awareness without risking detection. You can sit back while you watch over your area.

You need to carry a knife and preferably a kit to cut various things and, of course, your prey. You also need to have a set of ropes along with you. This will be required to settle your gadgets, tie wires, tie up the deer after being caught, and in case of all manner of unforeseen emergency.

You will need customized shoes and clothes which can bear the toughness of the outdoors. Tactical or hiking boots are a must. You can carry a raincoat along and preferably a set of cloth covering your whole body that will protect the body and feet from weather and the effects and thorns and unwanted contact of plants and insects. There can be various coveralls that are customized to carry along your multiple gadgets.

You will also need to have a guidance kit which can include a compass, GPS, and maps to help you navigate. Don't forget to bring emergency or rescue service numbers to assist you in specific emergencies. Before leaving for the hunt, you must have knowledge of the place, path to follow while going and coming back , and alternate routes.

Packed food should be carried along. Meals can brought in tin packs, freeze dried or zip-lock bags. You should be carrying drinkable water and gadgets which can purify and filter water you find along the way. Remember: on average we can't survive without water for more than three days.

You should always be ready for unwanted things that might come your way. To stay on the safe side, carrying a customized first aid kit is very important. For example: ensure you are prepared in case you are caught off guard and bitten by a snake. You may need anti-allergics to treat yourself if you have any medical history of allergies. And your first aid kit should include pain killers, bandages, and anti-biotic ointments as well.

Once you have made all the necessary preparations, you are prepared to HUNT!! So get out there and fulfill that ancient urge. Enjoy and stay safe.