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With firearm sales increasing all over the country, those new to owning a gun need to strongly consider another important investment: a gun safe. However there are many reasons why one should keep their gun in a gun safe. Here are number to consider:

1. It determines the use. When burglars take control of your gun, it spells of untold consequences. A gun owner has the primary responsibility of securing his or her gun from theft or illegal possession. Negligence in this case foretells devastating effects. Needless to say, numerous incidents have been reported where stolen guns have been used in spreading violence and furthering illegal activities.

2. It keeps your family safe. It is common sense that it is unwise to place your guns within easy reach. Curious kids might get excited at the thought of seeing an actual gun and would take pains in trying to view it. Without a gun safe, you are placing your own family at risk instead of protecting them.

3. It makes you exercise your rights responsibly. The right to bear arms is a freedom we enjoy. Logically, this right afforded to us comes with a responsibility to be vigilant in its exercise. By owning a gun safe, you are also protecting your community.

4. It makes you observe access prevention laws. Our gun regulations require that we keep our guns from our children’s way. When you purchase a gun safe, you are promoting observance of these laws.

5. It can also store your other valuables. Your gun safe can also keep safe your other valuables aside from your gun.

6. It protects your gun from disasters. When disasters such as fire or flood strike, your gun safe will keep your guns from these dangers.

7. It prevents rusting. When guns are kept in an open environment, they are made vulnerable to rust. Owning a gun safe will avoid exposure to this concern.

8. It eases the risk of loss. Your insurance coverage in case of loss of your gun may not pay as much as you expect. The wiser approach is to prevent the loss of your gun keeping it safely locked in your gun safe.

9. It makes you observe the firearm locking devices law: In some jurisdiction, when you own a gun, it is also required that you also own a gun safe. Observance of this regulation not only makes you a responsible gun owner but also a responsible citizen.

10. It protects you from law suits. As a gun owner, when trouble is brewed arising from the use of your gun, you may open yourself up to litigation. People who may have been wronged involving your gun may sue you. Should you find yourself in this situation, the fact that you place your gun in a gun safe is a good defense.

11. It makes your gun accessible yet secure. In case a situation arises that you should need your gun, having your gun in a secure and accessible hiding place is advantageous.

12. It gives you tax reduction benefits. Gun laws afford a tax reduction for gun owners who have decided to purchase a gun safe.

13. It provides an aesthetic value to your home. Some gun safes are designed to be hidden in plain sight. It is styled in such a way that can be disguised as a decorative item.

14. It can serve as your concealed space. Gun safes may also be kept hidden in a false wall or compartment. Gun safes will be your go-to place for items you want to keep hidden.

15. It gives you peace of mind. Knowing that your gun is kept secure will leave you without worry of unintended access to it.

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