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While gun ownership among women has risen significantly in recent years, there are still a lot of women who have never held or shot a gun. This inexperience with firearms makes them afraid and uncomfortable around guns. But owning a gun, training on its safe and reliable use, and carrying one for personal defense can put a woman on more equal footing in a dangerous world.

With all the rhetoric about the dangers of firearms, and the media bias against guns, many women adapt the wrong position on guns for self-defense. But the fact is when a woman overcomes any uncomfortable feelings about guns and learns the very real and practical benefits, she becomes more independent and empowered.

Magazines like Cosmopolitan often run pieces showing women fearful of guns, uncomfortable with their boyfriend owning a gun, or just spouting off the latest talking points against gun ownership. We at Gun Buyers Club take a different approach. We believe that education and training on the proper use of firearms can overcome any irrational fears borne of ignorance. And that can often be accomplished with one trip to the range.

For example:

Taking one of the many women-only gun safety and training courses available in almost any city might be a good start to lessen that fear of the unknown. These courses are growing in popularity as more women want to take self-protection into their own hands. A gun can be the equalizer against an attacker who could easily overpower a woman who may be smaller in size.

There are numerous gun clubs and shooting ranges that offer special shooting sessions geared towards women and first time shooters. They often have slimmer, easier to handle weapons for first time shooters available for rental.

Many manufacturers hold events geared to selling guns and accessories to women. And the list goes on.

Men don't seem to have that innate fear that has crept into the collective psyche of women due to the relentless media campaign against guns. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong about guys owning guns for self-defense. We just hope that more women would understand the benefits of gun ownership, as well.