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Firearms News August 2018 – Issue 15

Leroy Thompson reviews a Thompson! The Kahr Arms Auto-Ordnance Thompson TA5 pistol – 100 rounds of .45 ACP firepower! Other articles include:...

  • Jim Tarr’s Snubbie Revolvers Review!
  • Movie Recommendations for Gun Guys by James Tarr
  • Hungarian Weapons of WWII, Part 2 by Paul Scarlata!
  • Custom Browning Hi-Power Pistols by

SubscribeIt is the most studied battle in American history. A source of controversy more than 100 years after the last guns fell silent over the Little BigHorn river. And for students of the gun, the last stand of Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer offers some intriguing questions.

Did the guns shape the battle?


The choice by the military of the single-shot Springfield 1873 trap door rifle and carbine over a repeating rifle, reflected the military doctrine

Reload and respond faster with the Remington 870 DM Magpul 12 Gauge shotgun. Reload and respond faster with the Remington 870 DM Magpul 12 Gauge shotgun.


While pump shotguns have been serving in a defensive role for decades, their Achilles heel has been the inevitably slow reload when compared to other platforms that feature a detachable magazine (DM). Feeding one round at a time into a tubular magazine is slower and requires some dexterity that may be unavailable in a stressful situation for some folks. For some


The Aimpoint red-dot sight has been the premier red-dot reflex sight since its inception in 1975. They have a long history as an industry leader and have refined their products over the years to become the standard by which military and law enforcement sights are judged.


I used Aimpoints and other manufacturers optics during my final service years as a police officer with a busy Southern California agency and my bias for Aimpoint comes