Courteney Boot Two-Tone Tyre Selous $400; Els & Co. Deluxe Binocular Strap $120; African Sporting Creations Hickory Shooting Sticks $200; Arno Bernard Dagga Boy/Ivory Skinner $400

Remembering the safari of a lifetime should go beyond taking pictures and hunting game. In preparation, G&A believes that you should take gear that will enable a safe and successful adventure while embracing Africa’s romance. May we suggest starting at African Sporting Creations for unique, hand-made products that embody the ruggedness of Africa? Among the many items the company offers, there are four items we feel no hunter shouldn’t leave home without: shooting sticks, a good sling, an Arno Bernard knife and Courteney boots.

Courteney boots come in various styles and are made from Nile crocodile, Cape buffalo, hippo, or ostrich leather. The most popular boot is the Selous, named after legendary explorer, conservationist, hunter and soldier Frederick Courteney Selous. These boots are constructed entirely from buffalo and impala, and hand stitched in Zimbabwe. The sole is made of a rubber “tyre” tread, and is highly regarded for producing little-to-no noise in the bush.

One item African Sporting Creations is best known for are their shooting sticks. Made in-house of hickory, carbon fiber, or select, limited-edition African woods, the sticks feature leather-wrapped tops hand-sewn from buffalo or zebra leather. The leather improves grip while protecting the rifle’s forend when it’s time to shoot. Anodized aluminum connectors assemble quickly and the sticks can be stored for transport in a provided canvas carry case.

No safari rifle is complete without a sling and no pair of binoculars should be either. The company offers a canvas and leather bino sling from Els & Co. The strap assembly is comfortable with three traditional brass studs that push into eyelets for adjusting to improve weight

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