Well-known for leather, Galco’s ‘plastic’ rigs are just as good.

Well-known for leather, Galco’s ‘plastic’ rigs are just as good.

We live in an era of websites, but back when catalog shopping ruled the earth, the Galco Gunleather catalog was one of the best-looking catalogs of gun-related products on the planet. Beautiful glossy shots of holsters in exotic locations with amazing and unusual props—like one of the first civilian-owned Humvees—just took your breath away.

Galco Gunleather no longer makes a print catalog. Not only because everybody does their shopping online, but also because since its founding in 1969 as The Famous Jackass Leather Company, its product line has continued to expand so quickly. In addition to holsters and magazine pouches, the company now makes belts, slings, gun-totin’ handbags, buttstock shell holders and rifle cases.

Note the word “leather” in both The Famous Jackass Leather Company and Galco Gunleather, yet fully a quarter of its belt holsters is made partially or entirely of Kydex. Let’s look at two of Galco’s most popular “plastic” belt holsters: the all-Kydex Stryker and the leather-and-polymer Quick Slide.

Galco brought out the Stryker about six years ago, and it’s exactly the kind of belt holster I prefer: an “everything you need and nothing you don’t” belt holster. The holster body is constructed of Kydex—and thick Kydex at that. My calipers put it at 0.12 inch. It has what is referred to in the industry as a “neutral cant,” which means as the holster sits on your belt it holds the slide/barrel of the pistol in a completely vertical orientation.

While pistols in neutral-cant holsters may not conceal as well or as easily as those with the “FBI cant” (grip forward, muzzle back), they are generally quicker and easier to draw from.

The holster body has two tension screws down near

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