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Online retailer service provider, Shopify’s logo

Online retailer service provider, Shopify’s logo

Canadian online-store provider Shopify, formally banned the sale of, “Certain Firearms and Certain Firearm Accessories” three days ago on the 13th of August VIA its AUP or Acceptable Use Policy definition page.

This all comes in the wake of massive information sharing companies passing sweeping policies to ban opinions that run contrary to their own.

Infowars host, Alex Jones, recently received a ban from Facebook and Youtube for his controversial political statements.

Infowars host, Alex Jones, recently...


Norma.338 .338 Norma Magnum

Things in the cartridge world are changing, for sure. In the last decade, we’ve seen cartridges get smaller, bullets get longer and the overall mentality change. So, what’s the deal? Exactly what is the mind set? Let’s take a look at some of the modern cartridge developments and the school of thought.

Federal6.5140 Federal Premium 6.5 Creedmoor


The modern family of cartridges began – sort


Richard Nance heads to FTW Ranch in Texas to get some AR shooting tips from Doug “Dog” Prichard.

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Speer Ammunition announced its new 10mm Auto 200-grain load. The brand offers the same performance for self-defense with the addition of a powerful 10mm Auto load that takes advantage of the cartridge’s capability. Shipments of the ammunition are being delivered to dealers now.

While most 10mm Auto offerings produce ballistics similar to those of 40 S&W, Gold Dot’s 200-grain bullet is loaded for optimal performance from the cartridge. Like all Gold Dot loads, its bullet is...