A reminder that we shoot to protect the gun rights of the next generation.

A reminder that we shoot to protect the gun rights of the next generation.

“Daddy, I hit it!” my daughter exclaimed as she came off the rifle having fired her first shot. Perhaps I placed too much pressure on myself before that moment, but I felt relieved afterwards. Before I had kids, I was sure that I’d start teaching them how to shoot when they were four years old. After all, that’s when Dad started teaching me. Like my own memory, I wanted to make the experience special and positive, but I became uncertain when my kids would be ready.

I procrastinated these last few years and let my responsibilities at work and home get in the way of the effort to make time for my family at the range. I often thought and debated with myself about how I would introduce my children to firearms, and I grew less confident in my abilities as time ticked away.

It became obvious that anticipation was building. Surprising to me, it was my daughter (and not my son) who first asked that I take them shooting. At the end of every day, she watched as I routinely unholstered my carry pistol before securing it in one of our home’s Tactical Walls. I often remind her not to discuss guns (or Daddy’s job) with friends at school, the NRA safety rules and to never touch a gun without my direction and supervision. I’ve been in awe of her maturity and obedience, and have been encouraged to begin teaching her.

Selecting the rifle wasn’t as challenging as I expected. I knew that I wanted a bolt gun, preferably a single shot with a short length of pull. There are other options available — some more affordable — but I decided

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