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James Tarr reviews the Taurus 856 revolver.

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SandWEZ Meet the new M&P Shield EZ.

Do you struggle to pull the slide back on a pistol? Is it painful to shoot small guns? Are magazines tough to load?

If these questions apply to you, Smith & Wesson now offers an excellent solution with its new Shield variant, and it should be well received among an underserved segment of gun owners.


To make the EZ reliable with all kinds of .380 ammo, S&W trimmed away excess mass from the slide and paired it with a lighter recoil spring. To make the EZ reliable with all kinds of

SubscribeBreaking a flying clay target or knocking over a steel plate and then sharing the fun of that experience awaits all who participate in National Shooting Sports Month® this August.


The National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®) established this celebration to encourage you to spend trigger time at your local shooting range and share your passion for the shooting sports with others. Some 24 million Americans have a great interest in learning about recreational shooting, according to NSSF, making


The 6.5 Grendel is a well-kept secret. How did it evolve; how did it elbow its way into the mix of legitimate 6 mm cartridges?

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