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By David Codrea

“A new, huge review of gun research has bad news for the NRA,” a Friday headline on the consistently anti-gun Vox asserts. “The findings, while limited, point in one direction: Gun control can save lives.”

They admit findings are “limited”?


Yet despite those limitations we’re to believe the “research” will put to rest prior findings by criminologists Don B. Kates and Gary Mauser that “In 2004 the


Matthias Klotz, the Managing Director at Mauser Jagdwaffen GmbH, met with Mike Schoby, Publisher at Outdoor Sportsman Group, to promote Mauser’s new M18 Bolt-Action Rifle. The new M18 is a no-frills hunting rifle that is available in .308 and .30-06 and comes with a 5-round magazine. The M18 Bolt-Action Rifle also features a multi-purpose hollow buttstock to help with storage. The MSRP on this new Mauser rifle is $699. Mauser has been producing rifle for more than 140...


Look for the Krebs PD-18 AK Pistol on the cover – article by David Fortier! Other articles include:...

  • The Need for Speed, Simulated Full-Auto by Jim Tarr. Jim gives a great review of bump stocks, binary triggers, and similar devices!
  • The Ultimate Defense Handgun by Will Dabbs
  • The Steyr SSG 04 in .330 Win Mag – Leroy Thompson tests this long-range dream rifle.
  • Gus Norcross shows off his


James Reece, a United States Navy SEAL team commander, is on his final deployment when disaster strikes. His entire team was wiped out in a well-planned and deadly ambush that seemed orchestrated.

TerminalList_Book_CoverAs he unraveled the conspiracy that brought about the deaths of his teammates, he discovered that corrupt elements in the federal government, the financial sector, the pharmaceutical industry, as well as military leaders in his own chain of command are behind the attacks.