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Flatiron Sights Shooting Club's members don't exactly fit the clichéd image of the conservative gun enthusiast that might pop into the mind of many liberals.

No, the Flatiron Sights members are liberal-minded Front Range residents who find joy in a hobby usually associated with people of a more conservative persuasion. Among their ranks are a medical field employee and engineer and a GIS technician.


"No one is really going, 'So, what's your position on

Gun Buyers ClubMore than 1,000 people protested school shootings last month with a rally and march[1] that started in the parking lot of Raleigh’s Pullen Memorial Baptist Church. Some faith leaders say a whole lot more conversations about how the nation can prevent gun violence need to begin at the same place – church.


“What is our voice for?” asked Diane Knauf, associate pastor at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Raleigh. “The church is becoming irrelevant

Gun Buyers ClubBut only 13 NRA members actually used the one-time group travel discount for the gun group's annual meeting in Dallas this May, Delta spokesman Michael Thomas told The Washington Post on Saturday.

That amounts to costing Delta just over $3 million per passenger for the apparently rarely used services, a consequence from public pressure on businesses to cut ties with the NRA following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 people dead on Valentine's Day.


President Trump was crystal clear on federal firearms policy this week: Seize weapons from people under certain circumstances without due process and rename a gun bill now before Congress.

The president declared the government should confiscate firearms from some people who may struggle with mental illness.

“I like taking the guns early,” Trump said. “Take the guns first. Go through due process second.”


The president also confidently instructed lawmakers to revise the