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Lieutenant Commander Ian Fleming served in the Royal Navy during World War II. Fleming’s father, Valentine Fleming, was a wealthy Member of Parliament who was killed on the Western Front fighting the Germans in 1917, when young Ian was only nine. Winston Churchill penned Valentine’s obituary.


A classically educated English gentleman, Ian Fleming volunteered his services to his country at a time when the very existence of Great Britain was mortally threatened by the Nazi scourge.


Faced with trench warfare, WWI troops needed a portable weapon with enough firepower to change the course of a battle. Leave it to John Browning to come up with a perfect answer: the Browning Automatic Rifle.

Although it entered WWI at the tail end of the conflict, the BAR had a measurable impact on some of the final battles. The French were so impressed, that they ordered 15,000 of them to replace their own maligned Chauchat. The...

The Ruger American Rifle The Ruger American Rifle


It’s a simple rifle, an accurate rifle and an affordable rifle. The Ruger American Rifle is a means of heading afield with a reliable firearm without breaking the bank or having you sleeping solo on the sofa. However, we riflemen also like to personalize our chosen rifles, whether it be through choice of optic, caliber or ammunition, or sometimes by replacing certain parts to give a different feel

Keeping your firearm close at hand. Keeping your firearm close at hand.

As the number of concealed-carry permits issued in this country continues to grow, so does the demand for subcompact semiauto pistols. These lightweight guns, usually chambered in .380 ACP, are easy to conceal and can effectively stop an attacker at close range when paired with modern defensive ammunition.

One reason these semiautos are so popular is they are extremely convenient. Many subcompact .380s weigh less than 15