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Federal Ammunition announced the company has redesigned its complete line of Speed-Shok waterfowl loads. The new lineup includes more than 10 new loads in several shot sizes. Shipments of this new ammunition have been delivered to dealers.

Speed kills ducks and geese. Now it kills even cleaner with redesigned Federal Speed-Shok. Its Catalyst primer and faster burning powders reduce residue, while its optimized velocities knock birds out of the sky. Now available in sub-gauge loads and...

Mossberg’s 590M takes magazine-­fed shotguns to a higher level.Mossberg’s 590M takes magazine-­fed shotguns to a higher level.

I have long been a fan of Mossberg shotguns. The affair started with one I carried during Operation Iraqi Freedom back in 2003. It saved my life many times.


Despite that hard-­earned loyalty, I was one of those who put the shotgun in a rack when I could pick up an AK. It wasn’t because I felt outgunned, as many critics suggest. Most of


The shotgun may be man’s oldest firearm, but that doesn’t make it any less lethal for modern military applications. In fact, today’s battlefield has spawned a state-of-the-art fighting shotgun from one of the industry’s most revered names, Benelli. That gun is the M4.

Here at Gun Stories, we often talk about the great gun designers, like John Browning and Eugene Stoner, men who took their brainchild, and saw them through to completion. Benelli’s Marco Vignaroli, took his...

M&P45 M2.0 Compact pistol features shorter 4” barrel, 10 round magazine.

M&P45 M2.0 Compact pistol features shorter 4” barrel, 10 round magazine.

Smith & Wesson Corp. announced the expansion of its line of popular M&P semi-automatic polymer pistols to include a M&P M2.0 Compact pistol, chambered in .45 Auto. Featuring a shorter, 4” barrel, a 10+1 round capacity, and the M2.0 feature set, the M&P45 M2.0 Compact is a popular size for law enforcement use and personal protection.

“The M&P45 pistol has been a