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Gun Buyers ClubThe bats have returned! The California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area is welcoming back the largest colony of Mexican free-tailed bats in California. The bats return each summer to give birth to their young and soar over the floodplain in a nightly bug-eating bonanza.


The public is invited to experience this amazing event as thousands of bats emerge each evening to hunt for insects over the rice fields of the Yolo Bypass Wildlife

Young Bald Eagle Released Back Into The Wild Celebrates Freedom July 4
Young Bald Eagle Released Back Into The Wild Celebrates Freedom July 4
Young bald eagle released back into the wild celebrates freedom July 4
3-year-old eagle undergoes surgery
to repair broken leg, released at Horseshoe Lake

PHOENIX — After a graceful half-mile flight across Horseshoe Lake, the 3-year-old bald eagle released back into the wild by Arizona Game and Fish Department and Liberty Wildlife was free once again.


Gun Buyers ClubDOVER – DNREC’s Division of Parks & Recreation announced today that it has reached its cap of 17,000 Delaware surf-fishing permits, as voted on this year by the state’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Council. With the cap figure attained, no more surf tag permits will be issued until December.


While surf-fishing permit sales have ended, the Division of Parks & Recreation notes that there are no restrictions for non-vehicle, walk-on fishing, as long as an angler has

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ROSEBURG, Ore – Volunteers are needed to help the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife raise hatchery winter steelhead at Barrett Creek near Winston. This project is an opportunity to work directly with fish and help produce hatchery winter steelhead for anglers.

Responsibilities include fish feeding, recording data, cleaning fish holding troughs and inspecting the site. Some volunteers are also asked to respond to on-site alarm systems at any hour. All volunteers must follow protocols to ensure...