PACIFIC CITY, Ore. — OSP Fish and Wildlife Division brought charges against a commercial fishing captain operating a dory boat in Pacific City. NOAA Enforcement Officers assisted in the case. Tillamook County officials completed sentencing procedures June 27 for Charles “Joe” Evens, of Tillamook.

Evens violated the terms of his commercial license by keeping fish he caught instead of selling and documenting the catch with a fish dealer. He must pay $400 in fines, of which $300 will go to ODFW as restitution. He will also complete 80 hours of community service. The judge sentenced him to five years bench probation, during which time he is prohibited from angling or assisting others in angling. He is also suspended from obtaining commercial or recreational licenses for five years.

The license suspension falls within the parameters of the Violator Compact, a reciprocal agreement among most states. The Compact demands that if someone loses their hunting or fishing privileges in one state, they lose them in all states. It is a serious consequence, according to OSP F and W Lt. Ryan Howell.

“When an individual receives a hunting or angling license suspension it is usually for a pretty serious violation of fish and wildlife laws,” Howell said. “The OSP F and W Division takes any violation of the suspended license very seriously. If you know of anyone who continues to fish or hunt with a suspended license, we would appreciate the information and it could lead to a TIP Reward.”

The waters of Oregon’s halibut fishery fall under Oregon, Washington, and federal oversight. In such circumstances, agency enforcement officers may partner to solve crimes. NOAA and OSP F&W Division have solved several cases cooperatively, according to Lt. Howell.

“NOAA is one of our partner agencies when it comes to enforcement of our fishery

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