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Gila trout, one of two trout species native to Arizona, are being restored to the Mt. Graham area. A major step was taken Monday when AZGFD, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and volunteers from Trout Unlimited and the University of Arizona backpacked 250 Gila trout into Frye Creek.

All Gila trout in this area were lost during the aftermath of the 2017 Frye Fire, a major setback to a recovery effort that began in 2009.


Gun Buyers ClubThe Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has confirmed zebra mussel larvae in water samples taken from one of three sites in Lake of the Woods on the northern Minnesota border. While no adult or juvenile zebra mussels have been reported, the number of larvae is substantial.


The Minnesota portion of Lake of the Woods will be added to the infested waters list for zebra mussels, so that people who harvest bait, fish commercially or use water from

Details of .22 Pistol Defense Failure against Polar Bear in Norway; AndreAnita, iStock-940461304
Details of .22 Pistol Defense Failure against Polar Bear in Norway; iStock-940461304
U.S.A.-( I suspect much of the mythology about the difficulty of penetrating bear skulls with bullets is based on the position of a bear's brain inside of those skulls. The volume of a large bear's brain is a little more or less than a pint (473 ml). The volume of a large bear's head is about...

Gun Buyers ClubHunters who harvest deer in north-central and southeast Minnesota during firearms deer season will have 26 dumpsters available in a variety of locations to dispose of carcasses after completing deer registration, chronic wasting disease sampling and removing the meat.


“These dumpsters will be in place in time for the hunting opener, and they’re an important part of the plan to combat CWD by helping hunters comply with carcass movement restrictions in CWD zones,” said Bryan Lueth, DNR

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DENVER (Ammoland.Com) – Bringing value to a horse with no purpose – the American Mustang – and a group of veterans seeking their new norm, is the beginnings of a challenging horse training program that ends with a 560-mile pack trip, but culminates in life-changing decisions for both man and animal.


Making its small-screen television debut, 500 Miles, will air

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The Department of Natural Resources is seeking comments on a proposal to allow off-highway vehicle (OHVs) access to certain areas of the Huntersville Forest Landing Campground in Huntersville State Forest in northwestern Minnesota.

Currently, OHVs must be trailered in and out of the campground. The proposal would allow campers with OHVs to unload their OHVs at their campsites and access the recreational trails within the state forest from there. Huntersville State Forest contains over 60 miles of...