U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is excited to announce the launch of the new RMEF-branded H31 Eberlestock Bandit Pack. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each licensed pack goes to RMEF’s mission.

“This is the latest in a long line of high quality performance packs and other products produced by Glen Eberle and his Eberlestock crew. We greatly value their partnership that dates back a number of years,” said Steve Decker, RMEF vice president of Marketing. “Eberlestock’s ongoing support and dedication allow us to do even more to ensure the future of elk, elk country, hunting and conservation.”

The Bandit comes in addition to the highly successful M5 Team Elk Pack, unveiled in 2013. To date, Eberlestock sold approximately 20,000 Team Elk Packs that generated more than $284,000 for RMEF’s on-the-ground conservation work.

“Eberlestock is honored to continue its partnership with the RMEF. We are committed to putting our money where our mouth is in terms of conservation,” said Glen Eberle, Eberlestock founder. “Eberlestock donates 10 percent of all the proceeds of the Bandit Pack sales back to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. That way we can ensure that future generations can have the same opportunities that we enjoy.”

The Bandit is available in multiple colors and camo patterns. As a day pack, it measures 18 inches in height, nine inches wide and seven inches deep. Sporting a total volume of 935 cubic inches and featuring a wide array of features, it weighs a mere two and a half pounds.

“Whether used for hunting, hiking, scouting or other activities, this pack checks all the boxes for quality, performance and durability. And we are proud to have the RMEF brand associated with it,” added Decker.

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