Hunters who harvest deer in north-central and southeast Minnesota during firearms deer season will have 26 dumpsters available in a variety of locations to dispose of carcasses after completing deer registration, chronic wasting disease sampling and removing the meat.

“These dumpsters will be in place in time for the hunting opener, and they’re an important part of the plan to combat CWD by helping hunters comply with carcass movement restrictions in CWD zones,” said Bryan Lueth, DNR habitat program manager.

Hunters in three zones – the north-central CWD management zone, the southeast CWD management zone and the southeast CWD control zone – must register their deer, complete required CWD sampling, and comply with carcass movement restrictions by keeping whole deer carcasses within the zone until receiving “not detected” test results for their deer. The DNR is providing dumpsters to enable hunters to quarter their deer and dispose of the carcass in a designated dumpster.

Locations of the dumpsters are posted on the DNR website for the north-central management zone, southeast management zone and southeast control zone. Hunters can check online to determine whether a disposal location has a quartering station. The DNR encourages hunters to use the dumpsters to comply with carcass movement restrictions and limit possible disease spread.

“Before you hunt, plan ahead so that after you have your deer sampled for CWD, you have what you need to properly quarter your deer and take meat out of the zone. Also consider if you want taxidermy work done. We tell hunters to plan as if you are going to shoot the biggest buck of your life,” Lueth said.

Minnesota’s firearms deer season begins Saturday, Nov. 9. Having carcass disposal locations available to hunters aids in the DNR’s three-pronged approach to limit the spread of CWD in areas where the

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