ABILENE – Catfish stockings scheduled for this fall to support the Neighborhood Fishin’ Program in the Abilene-area are being moved to Cal Young Park Lake from Grover Nelson Small Pond for the rest of the 2019 stocking season. At the conclusion of the program’s catfish stocking season, which is Nov. 1, the Neighborhood Fishin’ Program will be ending in Abilene. These changes are being made because of ongoing water quality and depredation issues at Grover Nelson Small Pond and the decision to end the program was a mutual decision between the city and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

“Since 2014 we have partnered with the City of Abilene to provide high-quality fishing opportunities at the Grover Nelson Small Pond Neighborhood Fishin’ site,” said Michael Homer, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Inland Fisheries District Biologist for Abilene. “The decision to end the Neighborhood Fishin‘ program at Grover Nelson Park was difficult, but the pond’s water level, poor oxygen availability, and depredation on stocked fish by cormorants and pelicans have been problematic to the fishery for some time. Our team will continue to work with our partner, City of Abilene Parks and Recreation, in an effort to improve conditions at the Grover Nelson ponds.”

Anglers hoping to land their first catfish or catch a few more before the weather starts cooling down still have plenty of time as hundreds of catfish are scheduled to be stocked at Cal Young Park Lake on Oct. 4, Oct. 18 and Nov. 1.

“Cal Young Park Lake is close to Grover Nelson Park (about one mile up the road), and it has plentiful shoreline access for anglers to use, the park features other great amenities for families including children’s playgrounds, a disc golf course and has plenty of restrooms and

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