FRENCH CREEK, W.Va. – The four-day special split antlerless deer season for youth hunters, persons with a Class Q/QQ permit, and senior citizens with a Class XS license soon will be underway.

The first segment of the season is Oct. 19–20. The second segment is Dec. 26–27. Hunting is permitted on private and public lands in counties that have a firearms deer hunting season.

Youth hunters ages 8–17 may participate in this special antlerless deer season. Hunters ages 8–14 must be accompanied by a licensed adult who may not hunt or possess implements for the taking of wildlife. Hunters ages 15–17 must comply with all licensing requirements. Senior hunters who have a resident Class XS lifetime hunting/trapping/fishing license may also participate in this special antlerless deer season.

“This is an excellent opportunity to pass on the tradition and safe practices of hunting to youth hunters,” said Tyler Evans, wildlife biologist with the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (DNR). “This season also provides a tremendous opportunity for seniors and hunters with a Class Q/QQ permit to enjoy this unique hunting experience at a time when there is not as much hunting pressure.”

All hunters participating in this season, as well as accompanying adults, must wear at least 400 square inches of blaze orange.

Nonresident youth hunters must be properly licensed (Class XXJ License + CS/LE Stamp, Class AAHJ License + CS/LE Stamp, or a Class DT License), and all accompanying nonresident adults must also be properly licensed (Class E License + CS/LE Stamp).

The daily bag limit for this special antlerless deer season is one antlerless deer per day, for a total of four antlerless deer that may be harvested during this season.

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