Registration for the various hunts on Alabama’s Special Opportunity Areas (SOAs) will begin on Monday, August 19, 2019, at 8 a.m. Alabama’s SOA program is offered through the Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries (WFF) in an effort to provide hunters with unique hunting opportunities.

SOAs are typically smaller than Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) in acreage and are more suitable to a limited-quota hunting format, which reduces hunting pressure on game species and increases the hunt quality. The program offers a limited number of slots for successful permit holders and their guest(s) to hunt a dedicated 300- to 400-acre location for a two to four-day hunt.

“The SOA format provides our traditional public land hunters with new and exciting hunting options,” said Chuck Sykes, WFF Director. “It also provides hunters who have always been a bit hesitant about hunting on public land with a great opportunity to test the waters.”

Rodney Gilbert from Arab, Alabama, took his daughter on a deer hunt at the Uchee Creek SOA in January 2019. After the experience, he feels this type of opportunity can help renew an interest in hunting for younger generations and create positive lasting memories for families and friends.

“My goal for the hunt was to hopefully give my daughter a chance to harvest her first deer,” Gilbert said. “She was able to harvest a large, mature doe on Friday afternoon. We were both very excited. It was a very special time with my daughter that created lots of memories we will be able to share in the future.”

Dr. Benjamin Harris, an optometrist in Montgomery, Alabama, shares Gilbert’s enthusiasm for Alabama’s SOA program. Dr. Harris was drawn for a turkey hunt on the Portland Landing SOA earlier this year. While he

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