The South Carolina Wildlife Partnership (SCWP) is a nonprofit organization that was formed by several South Carolina private landowners and outdoor enthusiasts who understand the need for more public access to hunting in our state. In South Carolina, 92% of hunting land is privately owned.

The key goals of the SCWP/SCDNR partnership are to:

Provide more public access on private lands specifically managed for wildlife.

Offer additional hunting opportunities for the SCDNR waterfowl lottery hunt applicants while waiting to be selected.

Protect and promote our hunting heritage by increasing the number of quality hunting opportunities offered to the public at no additional cost or loss of preference points.

How to participate in the SCWP waterfowl draw hunt opportunities:

After September 1, complete the quick opt-in registration on the SCDNR waterfowl lottery hunt site.

Apply for the SCDNR Waterfowl lottery hunt. Applications will be available starting September 1.

If you opt-in by registering and you are not selected for a SCDNR lottery hunt, SCDNR will provide the Name, Email, and Phone Number of the primary applicant to SCWP for inclusion in the SCWP lottery process.

There is no additional cost to the applicant and SCDNR preference points are not affected by any SCWP draw hunt opportunity.
SCWP requires that each applicant opting in has successfully completed an approved Hunter Education course prior to any SCWP hunts.

If selected, you will be contacted directly by a SCWP representative.

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