DENVER – Colorado Parks & Wildlife and the United States Forest Service has observed increasing human-bear issues on Roosevelt National Forest Service campgrounds and areas where people are dispersed camping in Boulder, Clear Creek and Larimer Counties.

Specifically, the increased reports of bears getting into improperly stored food in trees in Boulder County is coming from Lost Lake, Ceran St. Vrain and the Middle St. Vrain Creek drainage upstream from Camp Dick, Olive Ridge and Meeker Overflow campgrounds; Beaver Reservoir road dispersed camping area, Rock Creek road dispersed camping area and Crater Lakes in James Peak Wilderness. Additional issues have come from the Pawnee Campground at Brainard Lake with a bear that entered unoccupied tents containing scented items such as sunscreen, bug spray and marijuana. Other reports of bear activity include West Chicago Creek, Columbine and Pickle Gulch in Clear Creek County and multiple reports in Dowdy, West Lake and Chambers Lake in Larimer County.

“I’m not sure why but we have seen a significant increase in bears seeking food in tents, backpacks and camps in general in the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests,” said Kristin Cannon, area wildlife manager for CPW. “People planning on camping in this area should be extra cautious and take care to store food, trash and toiletries in provided bear lockers or canisters. These items should never be stored in a tent, especially not this summer.”

“It is important to know how to act in bear country. Remember you are responsible for your own safety and knowing what to do when recreating alongside bears and other wildlife,” said Forest Supervisor Monte Williams. “We appreciate every user taking extra precautions.”

CPW is also receiving a high number of second- and third hand-reports of bears entering tents and encourages anyone

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