Colorado Parks & Wildlife Warn of Mountain Lions in Edwards, Colorado

Arizona -(Ammoland.com)- Colorado Parks and Wildlife is warning residents of Edwards, Colorado, that 8-10 mountain lions are roaming about their town, and may be dangerous. From cpw.state.co.us:

Yamashita says based on the reports he has received from Edwards residents, it appears there are two females in the area, each with a litter of 3 or 4 juvenile lions.

“The young lions are nearly full grown, as large or possibly larger than their mother,” said Yamashita. “It appears the female lions are teaching their young to hunt among a human populated area. Considering we are talking about nearly full-grown lions, this is not a sustainable situation. We will take the appropriate management action as necessary, but what the action will be remains to be seen and will be based on our assessment of public risk and the lion's behavior going forward.”

CPW officials say once a predator has lost its natural fear of people, they can become a direct threat to human health and safety.

“This is a troubling situation and we are very concerned for the safety and welfare of the people in this area,” said Northwest Regional Manager JT Romatzke. “We ask everyone to take this warning seriously.

Mountain lions tend to be solo hunters, unless they are part of a family group, such as these cats are alleged to be. The usual litter for mountain lions is two cubs. These cats are doing very well. To have two females, each with larger than average litters suggests a reliable food supply.

Maybe there were large numbers of domestic dogs and cats missing from Edwards?  Mountain lions have been known to prey on

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