Game Trackers Africa - Live the African Legacy
Game Trackers Africa – Live the African Legacy

U.S.A.-( Game Trackers Africa is a Namibian-based company, which serves as the marketing agent for various endeavors in different parts of Africa, including Tanzania, Cameroon and South Africa.

In 1999, under the guidance of Professional Hunter & Outfitter Jaco Oosthuizen, Game Trackers Africa commenced hunting the world-famous Selous Game Reserve of

Tanzania, further complemented by excellent areas in Western Tanzania and Masailand, enabling them to offer in excess of 120 game species, including all African dangerous game and plains game species. Their Tanzanian-based companies form the core of their operations and interests in the beautiful wilderness of East Africa. Jaco & Magdel Oosthuizen, along with their team of professional hunters, will ensure that you enjoy the most memorable time of your life in Africa, as they pride themselves on original free-range hunting safaris.

Committed to client satisfaction, Game Trackers Africa strives to meet their client’s preferences, while committed to honesty and integrity. Game Trackers Africa shares in the enthusiasm of their clients and strive to create life-long friendships around heart-warming campfires while bringing them in touch with real Africa.

As native-born Africans, hunters and conservationists, with respect for their fellow conservationists and their beloved continent, Game Trackers Africa is committed to a purpose – the modernization of their society without losing the African personality, while implementing the concept of “conservation through utilization.” Education on conservation awareness is important to prevent the misuse and waste of the wealth of rivers and lakes, forests and wildlife. Game Trackers Africa takes the responsibility to protect their natural heritage, and they believe hunting is the most efficient vehicle to initiate, justify and finance this process.

Game Trackers Africa-Ondjamba Safaris is donating a 21-day Tanzania Dangerous Game and Plains Game Hunt for One Hunter and One

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