AmmoLand News articles battle the fascist Left’s obsession with controlling our energy and lives.

Oppression Jack Boot Thugs Big Government Victims
It Is Not Just Our Guns They Want

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Some readers wonder why AmmoLand.com posts so many energy, climate, and environmental articles. What do they have to do with guns and hunting? In a nutshell –

It’s not just our guns that liberal-progressive-leftist cadres want to control. It’s every aspect of our lives. In the environmental arena, it boils down to one simple point:

Those who control carbon control life.

Over 80% of America’s (and the world’s) energy is still based on fossil fuels – carbon-based energy. Oil, natural gas and coal are (and for the foreseeable future will remain) the foundation for everything we make, ship, eat and do; for our agriculture, manufacturing, housing, healthcare, communication, and transportation; for our livelihoods, living standards, longevity, liberty and mobility.

“Resource depletion,” “sustainable development,” “environmental protection” and “dangerous manmade climate change” are, first and foremost, brilliantly conceived and aggressively promoted slogans and movements that have one objective in mind:

Controlling and gradually eliminating carbon-based energy.

Wind Turbines
Their supposed replacement will be “sustainable, eco-friendly” “renewable” energy. Millions of acres would be blanketed with wind turbines and solar panels – and batteries to back them up.

Ponder how that would affect your job, vehicles, family, recreation, and community. Ponder how much you rely on gasoline, electricity, plastics, and pharmaceuticals – all based heavily on hydrocarbons. Ponder having to pay two to four times more than you do now for electricity, fuel, products, and services.

What would these wannabe ruling classes use to replace your abundant, reliable, affordable carbon-based energy? Certainly not nuclear or hydroelectric power. Radical environmentalists fear and loath nuclear power plants; they vigorously oppose damming rivers

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