Opinion by Clark Ramsey

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Something stinks in the hunting community, and it smells like big government

Gun owners and sportsmen are predominantly political conservatives. Unfortunately, they have a weak spot. Like most people, these folks think they’re principled. Until you threaten to take away or reduce protections for something they have a personal interest in. For many gun owners and sportsmen their personal interest is public land, the environment, and the game they pursue.

Recently the Trump administration issued guidance to federal wildlife law enforcement on the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. The Trump administration will no longer be seeking to prosecute “incidental take” of birds protected under the Act.

Protections still remain for birds intentionally killed, but no longer will someone be prosecuted for tearing down a vulture’s nest to build a man-made structure.

Specifically, the guidance provided, “all that is relevant is that the landowner undertook an action that did not have the killing of [protected birds] as its purpose.” Some contend that this removes vital protection for catastrophes like Deep Water Horizon, but those fears are misplaced. The federal government still retains avenues of reimbursement from companies responsible for such catastrophes.

Ducks, geese, and other migratory game birds like mourning doves and woodcock also fall under the Act. The response from many sportsmen has been rife with condemnation for billionaires and “greedy corporations.” If there is one issue in this country that carries vast bipartisan support it is a hatred for the wealthy.

I have one simple question for you hunters and conservatives who believe a massive federal government is the answer to game management and the environment. Where does the money that supports private conservation groups and all the habitat they protect come from?

Since migratory birds are at issue, let us

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