Cole Reid and Caryson Norvell, Stewards of Wildlife Youth Trophy Recipient

Uvalde, TEXAS (Ammoland.Com) – At four feet tall, Carsyn Norvell is a true giving warrior.  In fact, nearly three and a half years ago she was the first youth ever to donate to Stewards of Wildlife Conservation (SWC), a non-profit organization based in Uvalde, Texas.

Norvell hasn’t stopped since that first donation; she’s given several times in 2017 and even emptied her savings to give to SWC at this year’s Dallas Safari Club convention in January – a total of $80 for a single donation. It’s because of these selfless acts of charity, SWC’s Director of Wildlife Sustainability, Cole Reid, is presenting her with SWC’s first “Youth Warrior Award.” The award will be given at SWC’s Annual Banquet April 28, 2018 in Austin, Texas.

“It is so important for us”, says Cole Reid, “to focus on education and community outreach, especially for the younger generations.  The conservation field is mostly dominated by the older generations and if we don’t get the younger generations motivated it will make the fight that much harder.  Carsyn not only makes me proud as a steward of this earth but she gives me so much hope for the future of wildlife conservation!”

SWC’s Youth Warrior award is given to youth ages 8-18 who exemplify both love of animals and charitable acts. Due to Carsyn’s overwhelming support for SWC she has been invited to SWC on many occasions.  The award she will be receiving in April also comes with more opportunities to visit the SWC property and interact with the wildlife.  To learn more about becoming a youth conservation warrior and have a chance to visit SWC and even win next years Youth Warrior Award, visit to sign up to be a Youth Conservation Warrior.

Stewards of Wildlife

About Stewards of Wildlife:

Stewards of Wildlife Conservation is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation and proliferation of wildlife as well as the habitats and natural resources they utilize.  Stewards of Wildlife offers a home to more than 80 species from around the globe.  These animals are breeding and stable in vast areas in order to provide the most comfortable and natural living situation possible.  Stewards of Wildlife is focused on bringing together animal resources from the private landowners and the public sector zoos in order to create “meta-populations” of species that are vital, sustainable, and can maintain evolutionary potential.

We understand that there are many organizations and groups with the best intentions trying to help wildlife, and realize that our contribution is space and expertise. Though our priority concern is protecting the rarest and most endangered species, Stewards of Wildlife is ultimately concerned about all of the flora and fauna worldwide. Learn more at



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