Nevada  – -( A trio of great horned owls have become international celebrities after a livestream camera observing their nests went viral.

The three owls, two females and one male, were spotted by employees at the Desert Research Institute (DRI) in Reno nesting on the second story ledge of one of their buildings. Nevada Department of Wildlife biologist David Catalano checked on the nest to make sure there were no problems.

“To have these two female owls lay eggs less than a foot from each other, in the rocks of a ledge 30 feet above the ground, right against the window of an office is very unique,” said Catalano.

NDOW and DRI partnered to install a livestream video camera that went live this week. Since going live the owls have been viewed by people from all over the United States and even New Zealand and Great Britain.

“We knew this live feed would get some attention, but I don’t think anyone thought it would blow up like this,” said Aaron Keller, NDOW outdoor education coordinator. “It just goes to show you how passionate people are about wildlife.

DRI and NDOW set up this livestream as a way for the public to observe these amazing birds without disturbing the nest. The owl livestream camera be found at: .

Nevada Department of Wildlife

You can also check out other videos on the NDOW YouTube page at

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