ATHENS – It didn’t take long for the first pair of Legacy Class largemouth bass of the 2022 Toyota ShareLunker season to find their way into angler’s boats. It was more than fitting that Tyler Anderson from Austin and Wendell Ramsey, Sr. of San Angelo, landed 14.48 and 14.92 – pounders respectively during week one of the season at O.H. Ivie. Last year, the fishery produced 12 of the 23 Legacy Lunkers during a remarkable 2021 season.

Anderson hooked his personal record Legacy Lunker Wednesday Jan. 5 using an Alabama rig in about 28 feet of water. Anderson, who grew up in Austin and has always wanted to catch a 10-pounder, set out to do a series of YouTube videos called “10 Days for a 10” targeting big largemouth bass. He selected O.H. Ivie to begin the series and reeled in seven and five pounders on the first day. On day two, the first fish of the day proved to be the fish of a lifetime for Anderson.

“I stumbled upon a school of what looked to be eight or nine fish,” said Anderson. “My cast ended up being a little too short and landed right on top of where they were. My Alabama Rig fell right into the school of fish, but I didn’t even have to retrieve the lure. I lifted it right up and started my retrieve and the fish was already on there. I’ve known about O.H. Ivie for many years and last year’s success with ShareLunker’s reinvigorated my desire to get out there.”

Anderson plans to continue his video series with some stops at additional lakes along the way. He will have this catch posted in a couple of weeks and hopes another Lunker may land in his boat during this journey.

“I have wanted

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