It’s time to apply for the first of two drawings for Idaho’s Super Hunt tags, but it’s going fast. The deadline to apply is May 31 for the first drawing for Idaho’s most exclusive tags, and Super Hunts are available for deer, elk, moose, pronghorn, and one Super Hunt combo, which includes one tag for each of those species.

Think drawing a Super Hunt can’t happen to you? Consider that some lucky hunters will draw those tags and have the freedom to participate in Idaho’s best hunting opportunities. Keep reading to learn about one hunter who became a believer after his name was drawn.

But if you’re not familiar with Super Hunts, they allow the tag holder to hunt in any unit open for the species in which the tag is valid. Simply put, a deer tag is good for any deer hunt in the state, general or controlled, and the same for elk, moose and pronghorn tags. You can buy as many entries as you’d like for $6 per entry for a single tag and $20 for a Super Hunt combo entry, and you don’t have to buy a hunting license first.

To learn more, and buy your chances to win, go to

Part of what makes Idaho’s Super Hunts unique is they give you so much freedom to take advantage of Idaho’s diverse big-game hunting opportunities.

Want to use it to hunt a controlled unit with fewer hunters in the field to compete with? Go for it. Maybe you know a promising general hunt unit and want to try that, too. It’s fair game because you can use the Super Hunt tag for any early-season hunts, late-season hunts, archery, muzzleloader, short-range or any-weapon season. The possibilities are nearly endless, and hunters can tailor their season to their

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