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New Jersey – -(AmmoLand.com)- I remember ambling along a path, bags of popcorn and peanuts in my hands, taking in the more comfortable air as the dog days of summer waned.

It was August 28, 2016, and my wife and I, along with my sister, her family, and my sister-in-law, and her family went to the Popcorn Park Zoo in Lacey New Jersey.  The Popcorn Park Zoo is not so much a zoological garden in the traditional sense, as it’s more than that.  It is a rehabilitation and type of retirement home for abused/handicapped animals and or those that are not fit for release back into the wild.  The popcorn and peanuts were for feeding the animals, where we can guess the menagerie got its name.  Most of the animals ate the popcorn, but the peanuts were for the bears.

We rounded a corner, to where the bears were kept and were greeted, if you want to call it that, by several women hassling guests to get them to sign their petitions.  I looked up and saw signs that read “Christie, Stop The Bear Hunt” and things of that nature.  If we were in the zoo after October 17th of that year, I bet there would be signs that read “Justice for Pedals”, in reference to a semi-famous bear known for walking on his or her hind legs, from New Jersey that was assumed harvested during that year’s hunt.

I sighed to myself, my wife shot me a look (as in please don’t engage), and I tried to make no contact with the women harassing the guests.  Luckily for me

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