COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine joined the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife and Ducks Unlimited today to announce the development of a new H2Ohio wetlands project in Wyandot County. The wetlands will be located near the Andreoff Wildlife Area in the headwaters of the Blanchard River which ultimately flows into Lake Erie.

“We’re excited about these new wetlands because they’ll help naturally improve water quality by trapping, filtering, and removing excess pollutants and nutrients, like phosphorus, from the water before they flow into Lake Erie and contribute to harmful algal blooms,” said Governor DeWine. “One of the long-term goals of the H2Ohio initiative is to prevent algal blooms on Lake Erie through projects like this.”

“Inland wetlands are essential to improve water quality in Ohio,” said ODNR Director Mary Mertz. “This property sits at the headwaters of the Blanchard River, and these new wetlands will help reduce the amount of sediment that enters the watershed. Ducks Unlimited is a recognized leader in wetland conservation, and we look forward to working with them on this vital water quality initiative.”

H2Ohio funding was granted to Ducks Unlimited to purchase 278 acres in Wyandot County directly to the east of Andreoff Wildlife Area where the new wetland complex will be built. The wetlands will utilize drainage from surrounding agricultural fields as a water source. This water will feed into the wetlands via a system of pumps and tiles designed to control flow for maximum nutrient and sediment reduction.

“Clean water is at the core of healthy wildlife habitats and the good health of Ohio’s residents,” said Jaime Rader, director of operations for Ducks Unlimited’s Great Lakes/Atlantic Region. “Governor DeWine’s H2Ohio plan will ensure people, ducks, fish, and wildlife have clean water for generations. Ducks Unlimited appreciates his

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