SALEM, Ore. — General Season Archery Elk hunters who were unable to hunt because they were displaced or personally impacted by wildfires may exchange their tag for a general season any legal weapon elk tag.

The exchange option is available only to general season archery elk hunters who never had a chance to hunt during the 2020 season. “Personally impacted” means living in an area that was evacuated due to wildfires or being a first responder, law enforcement, firefighter or utility worker who was unable to hunt. Having family and friends that were impacted or not being able to hunt a specific area does not qualify for a tag exchange.

To exchange an unused tag, fill out the following form: Hunters will be required to attest that they did not hunt during the archery season.

Archery Elk hunters exchanging their tag will need to choose a tag for one of the following seasons instead (see the Big Game Regulations for more details about these seasons).

West Cascade elk, Oct. 17-23 (Bag limit: One bull elk)
Rocky Mountain elk second season, Nov. 7-15 in some NE Oregon units (Bag limit: One spike elk)
Coast elk first season, Nov. 14-17 (Bag limit: One bull elk)
Coast elk second season, Nov. 21-27 (Bag limit: Bull or spike, see regulations)
Hunters are advised to begin this process as soon as possible and no later than Wednesday at 5 p.m. the week before the season begins. The form has deadlines for each of the tag exchange choices because the process will take at least a day and hunters need to pick up their new tag before the hunt begins. E-taggers will simply need to sync their app once the process is completed. Paper taggers can print the new tag from their online account

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