CLACKAMAS, Ore. — Fishery managers today set an additional three days of retention fishing for white sturgeon. Sturgeon retention will be allowed on the mainstem Columbia River from the Wauna Powerlines upstream to Bonneville Dam (including in the Cowlitz River) on Saturday Sept. 26, Tuesday Sept. 29, and Saturday, Oct. 3

The daily bag limit is one white sturgeon with a fork length of 44-50 inches. The annual bag limit is two fish including any sturgeon retained earlier in the year. Remember that fork length is measured in a straight line from the tip of the nose to the fork in the caudal fin (tail) with the fish laying on its side on a flat surface and the tape measure/ruler positioned flat under the fish. Single point barbless hooks are required for all sturgeon fishing.

Fishery managers continue to take a cautious approach, but lower than expected effort and harvest the last few retention fishing days is allowing for more opportunity. Approximately 480 fish remain available from the 1,140 harvest guideline for this fishery.

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