Bozeman, MT — Several wildfires are active in Montana, and this can affect land access for hunters in some areas.

Wildfire activity can change rapidly, and some fires may limit public access to roads and areas of public land. Wildfires can also cause closures on block management areas during hunting season. Hunters should check for closures due to wildfires before traveling.

Recreationists can view an interactive map of active wildfires in Montana by visiting If a fire is active near where you plan to hunt, contact the local office of the applicable land management agency to check for closures.

Hunters should also check for closures on block management areas, as well as fishing access sites, wildlife management areas and other areas administered by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, by visiting

A map of fire restrictions by county can be found at

Hunters and anglers can help prevent wildfires by adhering to fire restrictions, making sure campfires are completely out and following road and travel restrictions.

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