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This week on DU TV – Great Salt Lake. IMG Ducks Unlimited

U.S.A. -( Utah’s Great Salt Lake is 75 miles long, 28 miles wide, and vital waterfowl habitat.

Join co-host Ashley Ward and Browning’s Shaundi Campbell where the action is hot, and the weather is cold on the latest episode of DU TV.

The Great Salt Lake is the largest inland saltwater lake in North America. And it’s seven times saltier than the ocean. Puddle ducks such as green-winged teal and shovelers feed on vast amounts of brine shrimp and their eggs in the open lake.

Local guides Rob Friedel and Chad Yamane of Fried Feathers Outfitters hosted the hunt.

“While they are out there on saltwater, the ducks must have fresh water eventually,” Friedel said. “We were sitting on the edge of a freshwater flow coming into the Great Salt Lake. They have to be there.”

Ogden, Utah’s Browning Arms museum, featuring vintage Browning guns, is showcased in this episode.

“My first duck gun was a Browning Gold 20 gauge,” Ward remembered. “My dad shot Brownings, so did my grandfather and great grandfather. It’s almost a lifestyle with Browning guns. It’s so much more than just the gun itself, it’s what it means, and the legacy Browning has leftover all the years.”

Campbell is Browning’s media and event manager.

“I learned really young that if I wanted to do something for 30 years, I needed to do what I loved,” Campbell said. “My very first hunt was an upland hunt with my dad. I’m pretty sure I didn’t hit a bird, but it inspired me.”

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