Due to cycles in natural food sources and the dry weather, the typical foods bears pursue this time of year may not be available in their usual abundance–berries and other soft and hard mast will be few and far between for hungry bears. While this does elevate the likelihood bears will be browsing bird feeders, bee boxes, and dumpsters for their next meal, it also means bears may check bait sites more frequently. Since almost every method of hunting bear involves baiting, this may increase opportunities for hunters to harvest bear.

And if you haven’t considered bear hunting before, here are a few reasons why you should:

Going on a bear hunt is a great way to enjoy nature, get some exercise, and spend quality time outdoors with friends and family.
For those who find late autumn hunts too chilly, the mild temperatures of a bear hunt might be just right.
Bear hunting helps keep the population at a number where bears and their environment stay healthy.
You could be rewarded with wholesome, locally sourced, free-range, hormone-free lean protein which, if handled properly, is excellent to eat!
Registered Maine Guides are happy to bring hunters at any skill level on this true Maine adventure.
Your hunting season could begin as soon as Monday, August 31!

65% of harvested bears are by hunters with guides.
Although bear hunting can be time consuming and challenging to master, Registered Maine Guides provide bear hunting services for hunters at any skill level. This true Maine adventure is a thrilling experience whether it’s over bait or with dogs, and lets you beat the cold and fill your freezer.

Visit maineguides.org or maineguides.com to find the right guide for you and your family. To make the most of your hunt, ask questions before hiring a

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