It’s time to apply for the first of two drawings for Super Hunt tags, but it’s going fast. The deadline to apply is May 31 for the first drawing for Idaho’s best hunts, and Super Hunt tags are available for deer, elk, moose, pronghorn, and one Super Hunt combo, which includes one tag for each of those species.

If you’re not familiar with Super Hunt tags, they allow the tag holder to hunt in any unit open for the species in which the tag is valid. Simply put, a deer tag is good for any deer hunt in the state, general or controlled, and the same for elk, moose and pronghorn tags. Super Hunts are considered “extra” tags, so if you already bought a tag, you can still win a Super Hunt. And, you can buy as many entries as you’d like.

To learn more about them, and buy your chances to win, go to

If those details aren’t tempting enough, here’s a story from one of last year’s Super Hunt Combo winners to give you an idea of what the Super Hunt program has to offer.

Hitting the Super Hunt grand slam

It can be done: one moose, one elk, one pronghorn, and one mule deer — each of them brag worthy — after 44 days in the field from July through the end of November. As one of two Super Hunt Combo winners from a Super Hunt drawing in 2019, Utah resident Chase Ashcroft, 35, had one heck of an Idaho hunting season. And it didn’t cost him much for him to enjoy some of the best hunting of his life.

“I just kind of put in a couple (of entries), what I could afford,” Ashcroft said. “I think (Fish and Game) told me when I drew

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