We know you are anxious to get out and ride your ATV on the trails! We understand, Maine is home to excellent trails! But most trails are NOT ready to be opened yet.

Because spring weather came so early in the southern and central parts of the state, some ATV clubs have not had the opportunity to add the red closed signs to the trails yet. This does not mean they are open. Please check with your local club before heading out on any trails and STOP if you see a red sign.

Riding on trails before they open can cause significant damage and lead landowners to close trails to all in the future. Don’t do it!

When will the trails open? Conditions around the state are varied and the decision to open trails is managed by the property owner and/or the club or organization who maintains the trail system. Trails typically don’t open until sometime in May. Please check with local clubs for updates.

Do your part and respect private landowners and ATV clubs by obeying all mud season closure postings.

For more information on Maine’s ATV laws, visit: mefishwildlife.com/laws.

For additional trail information, check with local clubs or visit: atvmaine.org.

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