Image from Bryan Berg, cropped and scaled by Dean Weingarten
Image from Bryan Berg cropped and scaled by Dean Weingarten

Arizona -(Ammoland.com)- In September of 2017, In the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana, near Glacier National Park, Bryan Berg had to shoot a big boar grizzly. You may have seen the AP story where the federal investigators confirmed he shot the bear in self-defense.

Bryan got into trouble for not reporting the shooting, and for cutting off the bear claws as a memento. The plea bargain was under the Lacy Act, for transporting the bear claws across state lines.   From startribune.com:

Acting on a tip, authorities interviewed Berg in March 2018. He admitted he shot the bear in self-defense, handed over the claws and provided investigators with photos and videos of the scene, according to records.

“I was so (expletive) mad at it because he was going to eat me, I know he was,” Berg told investigators, according to the records. “So I basically said, ‘Hey, (expletive) you,' and I cut his claws off. I did. I wanted to keep them as a memento.”

Bryan's father and grandfather started him shooting as a young boy, about age six. He started hunting at a young age. His family has been hunting the Flathead river drainage in the Bob Marshall wilderness since 1940. He is an accomplished hunter, a competitive trap shooter, and an excellent long-range rifle shooter. He shoots several hundred rounds a week from a 9mm pistol. He does a lot of reloading to fuel his passion for shooting.

The Montana base camp Bryan and his family were hunting out of in 2017, is about 8 hours of a horse ride from the trailhead, 20 miles into the wilderness.

On 17 September or 2017, Bryan was

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