SALEM, Ore. – The Fish and Wildlife Commission has cancelled its public meeting scheduled for March 20 due to concerns over the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

“We want to keep employees, the public and Commissioners safe and this will help with our social distancing efforts,” said Curt Melcher, ODFW Director.

ODFW will keep the public and all stakeholders informed as to when the Commission meeting may be rescheduled.

In addition, other ODFW-related events have been cancelled or postponed.

The Conservation and Recreation Fund (OCRF) Advisory Committee meeting scheduled for March 23 has been cancelled.

Big Game Auction Events:

The Lewis and Clark chapter of Safari Club International (SCI) has cancelled its March 14 banquet that was set to auction a statewide deer tag.

The Oregon Bow Hunters in Redmond has cancelled its March 14 event as well that was set to auction a Rocky Mountain goat tag.

At this time, SCI and OBH are working on contingency plans for their events and how the A&H statewide big game tags will be auctioned.

Lastly, the Stakeholder Team meetings for the Rogue-South Coast Multi-Species Conservation and Management Plan scheduled for March 31 in Gold Beach and April 1 in Central Point have also been cancelled.

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