The North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s enforcement division has tallied the number of hunting, angling and boating citations for 2019, and failure to carry a license was the number one violation.

Game wardens issued more than 2,300 citations last year. Counties with the most violations were Ramsey (227), Williams (215) and McKenzie (188).

The most common violations and number issued were:

Licensing (496): failure to carry license (240); and hunting/fishing/trapping without proper license (213).

Fishing (475): exceeding limit (158); aquatic nuisance species violations (153); and fishing with excessive lines (48).

Boating (422): inadequate number of personal flotation devices (206); failure to display boat registration (49); and use of unlicensed/unnumbered boat (49).

General (289): hunting on posted land without permission (67); loaded firearm in vehicle (54); littering (37); and use of motor vehicle in restricted area (37).

Small game (280): using shotgun capable of holding more than three shells (74); failure to leave identification of sex on game (33); and hunting in unharvested field (28).

Miscellaneous (160): minor in possession (40); criminal trespass (35); and possession of a controlled substance (28).

Big game (91): tagging violations (27); chronic wasting disease violations (19); and failure to wear fluorescent orange (17).

Wildlife management areas/refuge (76): failure to obey posted regulations (31); tree stand violations (17); and possession of glass beverage containers (14).

Furbearer (25): harassing with motor vehicle (5); hunting/trapping in a closed season (5); and untagged snares (4).
A synopsis of 2019 violations is printed in the February issue of North Dakota OUTDOORS, the Game and Fish Department’s official magazine.

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