Bear management facts:

Commissioners approved the updated Bear Management Plan, which reflects a comprehensive, science-based approach.

FWC staff will continue to focus on reducing human-bear conflicts by promoting the use of bear-resistant trash cans and removing bears that pose a safety threat.

There was no proposal to hunt, but it is an important tool in the toolbox for managing bear populations.

FWC staff will continue to explore options on population management in the future, knowing bear hunting could be added to an agenda by an FWC chairman.

FWC staff will continue education and outreach to the public in general and regarding human-bear conflict and population management.

“We’re proud to have approved a world-class plan for bear management in Florida,” said Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Chairman Robert Spottswood. “This represents a comprehensive, science-based approach. We will continue to prioritize public safety while we manage bear populations”

What about a hunt?

While there was no proposal to hunt at the December Commission meeting, we can’t predict what a future Commission or Chairman might decide to do. Today, our Commission approved a world-class, science-based Bear Management Plan.

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