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It’s back. In the aftermath of the Parkland, Fla., school massacre, House Democrats are making another attempt at banning so-called assault weapons. A “supermajority” (156 of 193) of House Democrats have signed on, leaving no doubt as to the party’s move left on gun control. The bill, called the “Assault Weapons ban of 2018,” is a non-starter — at least so long as Republicans control the House — but it’s a mistake to simply write off any proposal backed

Gun Buyers ClubBy Dan Merica CNN WASHINGTON (CNN) -- No one knows exactly where President Donald Trump will come down on new gun policy and that uncertainty is causing problems in Washington.

On Wednesday, Trump flummoxed Republicans by expressing openness to a myriad of Democrat-sponsored proposals during an hourlong televised White House meeting with lawmakers.


On Thursday night, he met with National Rifle Association leaders, who tweeted afterward: "POTUS & VPOTUS support the Second Amendment, support strong due process

  @dwbronner[1] March 2, 2018: 4:17 PM ET
CNN anchor questions Georgia lawmaker over Delta

Delta says only 13 people used its NRA discount.

The airline's decision to end the discount cost it a tax break in Georgia that would have

Gun Buyers ClubPresident Donald Trump[1]’s positions on guns and school safety appeared to shift following a surprise meeting with the National Riffle Association[2] on Thursday night.

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